Radiation Shielded Enclosures and Accessories

Lead Shielded Cabinets:
Lead cabinets are customised for application, energy range and product dimensions and are offered for 160 - 450 kV X-ray energies. These cabinets are proven in production and R&D environments and meet all international/national regulatory requirements for leakage radiation. Typical construction is of sandwich type using lead and mild steel in accordance with the operating kV range.
Collimators/Shutters are offered for X-ray tubes, digital flat panel detectors and image intensifiers of any OEM make
Tube Stands:
Tube stands with multi-axis motion are custom designed and built for ease of operation to ensure minimal human effort. These tube stands are suitable for directional and panoramic tubes.
Other Accessories :
Laser Centering Devices are an important part of the product range, tailor-made to fit a user’s requirement taking into account the inspection application

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