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MedeQuip is a market leader in the sales and servicing of Industrial X-ray systems with expertise in the fields of Instrumentation, Imaging Software, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation, backed by 2 decades of experience in critical equipment servicing. MedeQuip’s entry into the NDT sector began in 2009 with an order from a reputed public sector client for the supply of an indigenous fuze inspection system. As on date, MedeQuip has 25+ installations for varied applications.

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Constant Potential Industrial X-ray Systems

MQXR Series of X-ray Systems are manufactured to cater to critical inspection requirements of Radiography testing across diverse industries by using them in combination with custom made object, tube and detector manipulator systems and digital imaging systems.

These systems are offered in energy ranges from 160 - 450 kV. Each system is tested extensively prior to dispatch and backed up by unmatched remote and field service support.

Key components of the MQXR system include :
• High voltage power supply (X-ray generator)
• X-ray tube
• Cooling Unit
• Controller
• Interface Unit
• HT Cable

Digital Radiography Systems

A pioneer in the Indian market for digital radiography, MedeQuip offers the complete range of digital solutions beginning from computed radiography to digital flat panels and digital imaging systems. Key personnel are regularly trained and certified in digital radiography standards and techniques, to ensure our customers are provided with an unmatched product experience.

Digital Flat Panel Detectors(DFPD) : Flat panel detectors are a preferred option for real-time radiography applications and are finding increased acceptance in industries due to their unmatched dynamic range and image quality. Available in sizes up to 16 inches, flat panels can handle energy ranges up to 15 MeV with adequate shielding.

Image Intensifiers : Compact in size and featuring electronic zoom, image intensifiers are a proven and reliable imaging option. Typical II system consists of an image intensifier tube coupled to a high-resolution camera unit. Standard sizes are 6 and 9 inches.

Computed Radiography : CR scanners are offered in 3 variants for varied applications ; HC variant for corrosion and erosion applications and suitable for gamma source imaging, HR variant for high-resolution applications and Ellipse variant for imaging with rigid imaging plates. Offered along with standard acquisition and processing software, CR scanners are widely used in multiple industries.

Computed Tomography Systems

MedeQuip represents Volume Graphics GmbH and X-ray WorX GmbH in India for sales and servicing of Industrial CT software and Microfocus X-ray tubes.
This association helps us offer custom designed industrial computed tomography systems that are proudly made in India with a dedicated emphasis on accuracy and reliability.

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