Multi Axis Manipulators

MedeQuip offers indigenous manipulators for use in radiography to carry out automated inspections. All systems are designed and fabricated in-house to ensure reliability and quality.
Manipulators can be offered from 2 axis onwards and are suitable for retrofit applications also. These systems are customised to suit the user’s application and corresponding OEM products.
Manipulators are offered for X-ray tubes, flat panel detectors, image intensifiers, linear accelerators and digital imaging systems.
Typical ranges include:
1.Object manipulator : Up to 2000 kg object weight
2.X-ray tube manipulator : Up to 250 kg
3.Flat panel manipulator :Up to 300 kg. Depending on shielding weight, manipulators can be offered for higher ranges also 4.Linear accelerator head manipulator : Up to 5000 kg
Manipulators for cabinet inspection systems are also provided. These manipulators typically have smaller ranges of movement compared to those housed in shielded rooms.
These manipulators are proven in field operation for continuous duty cycle for a wide range of ambient conditions including flameproof environment.

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